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Sat Jan 25 20:25:19 PST 1997

>   Concerning all the work it take to become a knight in thus kingdom
> me of  a list compliles by our baronial senacheal Ld. Alexis-  the list
> compiled from a conversation he had  (supposedly) with an on looker at
> fighter practice.
> Observer:  I would like to be a knight in your group.
> Alexis: You have to spend lots of money and get you armor together.

<large snip>

> Alexis:About 2 to 10 years.
> Observer: Goodby---
>                                                         Baron Bors
>                                                     ex- kight wannabe
> soon to be ex- squire to Sir Ruric ( alias the party knight- now
> known as Ruric the invisable) 
> free at last- free at last-thank God
> I'm free at last

I certainly can understand the sentiment behind all of this.  There are
times I have seen friends (sometimes in the mirror) frustrated at how long
it takes to get knighted.  Everytime I saw that in the mirror I would
remind myself that the recognition was not the reason I played, it was for
the joy of the Game.  Sometimes it took a while to convince myself, but I
had a lot more fun and did more good for others _and_ myself, once I had. 
I have been a local marshal, seneschal, herald, and MoAS.  I have been a
principality and kingdom officer.  I sat the Throne as Prince.  Some time
later I received the Accolade.  If  that was my reason for playing I could
easily have quit then.  I play because I like the Game.  The Dream is
something I feel and it leads me on.  I like to think that I am playing now
the same way I would without the belt.  I do the things I enjoy with people
I like.  I teach when people will listen.  I learn when people will speak. 
The awards in the Society are tangible and worthy goals.  Sometimes the
hurdles to reaching those goals are irrational and frustrating, even
infuriating.  But (generally) your attitude is the only hurdle to playing
for the sheer love of it.  Iam new to this, my sixth, Kingdom.  Things are
probably different here, and the same.  I have seen wisdom and foolishness
from the Thrones.  And from the populace.  I look forward to getting to
know new people and customs in this kingdom, and playing for the sheer joy
of it. 


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