Beth Zimmerman bethzimm at
Mon Jan 27 08:27:03 PST 1997

Matthew R. Popalisky wrote:
> So would you all like to regale us with wonderful stories about
> wInterkingdom?  How good was the feast?
> Details, details!
I didn't stay for the feast, but was there for most of the day.  It was
small, but wonderful.  The classes were excellent, the ones I attended
that is.  I did learn that if you're going to have a class, never follow
the war strategy class.  They went 15 minutes over.  No one wanted to
interrupt the Sultan.  Mahati(sorry for the slaughter of the name) very
graciously apologized for the delay of my class.  (I taught the smocking
class.)  He wondered why no one told them, since the herald was standing
right there and I was sitting quietly in the cornor.  I explained to the
Sultan that we weren't going to interrupt him.  Sultan's have the right
to take your head if you displease them, and I liked mine right where it
was....attached to my shoulders.  He has a wonderful laugh.

Afrena O'Dunlaing

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