New groups in the North

Leslie Miller miller at
Mon Jan 27 09:32:10 PST 1997

This is just an FYI post for anyone who is interested.  I met 
this weekend with a group of people in Weatherford Oklahoma (75 miles 
west of OKC off I-40) who are interested in starting an SCA branch 

There are about 10-15 of them from a variety of backgrounds, ages, etc.  
The one thing that impressed me the most about them was their 
enthusiasm and good humor.  They seemed like a really *great* group of 
people, and I hope that everyone will give them a lot of support.  

I believe that they are planning to attend the upcoming Northern 
Regional event as a group, so if you run into them, give them a big 
smile and welcome them aboard!

There is also a group of people interested in starting a group in 
Muskogee Oklahoma.  I have not met with them yet, but I will be doing 
so this coming Saturday, so I may have more info about them next 

In service, etc.
Northern Regional Seneschal

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