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Pug Bainter pug at
Tue Jan 28 05:48:25 PST 1997

> Well, I've got a few you don't have.

Thanks. Added them.

> Then there are several lists that while not SCA specific deal with 
> certain aspects of our group. Specifically I'm thinking of H-Costume, 
> RENDANCE, and ECD (English Country Dance). Do you want these as well?

Well, I've got those, and a few others now. I will add some of the
"relevant" ones from the SCA Faq. I didn't know how much some of these
were being used. There are 29 listed there, so it'll take me a little
while to type them all in and make sure they work.

Btw, I do not plan on adding all of the Kingdom and area mailing lists
that are out there.


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