Ballista Spears

Scot Eddy seddy at
Mon Jan 27 08:34:50 PST 1997

Good Gentles,

The major problem that I have seen with golf tube arrows/javelins is 
that they rarely fly straight. they have a horribly erratic flight. I 
saw them in use at both Estrella and Lillies Wars. Yuck!! Lady 
Octavian (Sir Dapphyyd's lady) uses them, she would have better 
feedback than I. 

At Gulf last year the Trimarins had a ballista that used PVC javelins 
and I didn't hear of any complaints. I was never hit with one so I 
can't say for certain.

No reason that we couldn't have the same at Gulf at least. That 
doesn't help you, Gnith, for Estrella. They have a website. Send them 
e-mail and ask.

Grace and Peace,


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