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> 	Hey, I never did get to the merchant's tent.  I wanted to see your
>  wares...I don't suppose there is another close event I could get to, Is
>  there?

Not that I know that I will be at.

In the next few months, I tentatively intend to be at King's College,
*possibly* Northern Regional Tribute, Crown Tourney, Elfsea Springfaire, and
Steppes Warlord. If sales are as good elsewhere as they were at
wInterkingdom, maybe a few more reasonably close to Dallas (aging vehicle I
can't afford to replace unless business becomes absolutely phenomenal, other

Hmm. As usual, your thoughts raise a broader question. Should I have even
given a tentative itinerary in this forum, since it is at least partially
associated with mercantile endeavors? 

To borrow several gentles with greater reputations and more demanded /
less-common wares than my own, could it influence an individual's or group's
plans on attending an event if they knew that Inman would be there with armor
parts for sale, or Cairenn with jewelry, or House Morningstar with their

Listkeeper? Gentle Readers?

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Lessee, that puts the closest point to you at Camp Cimarron (Coyle, OK - a
long hour's drive further than you had to get to Will Rogers Scout Camp).

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