Lion of Ansteorra

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Lyonel wrote:
> Perhaps I'm missing a subtle distinction between the Lions of Atenvedt   
> Ansteorra, but I understood the Lion to be an award given entirely at   
> discretion of the Crown.

Nope -- you're not missing anything there.

> In the case of a peerage, succeeding Crowns have
> the collective consciousness and memory of the peer circles to ensure   
> some Crown eventually recognizes an as-yet unrecognized peer.  As you,   
> Galen, have noted, Crowns do not necessarily share a common vision with
> regard to the Lion.  For that reason, I would have to second Mistress
> Meadhbh's concern that an unrecognized Lion might remain so.

If past Crowns went away and were never heard from again, that would   
certainly be
so.  But Ansteorra is about to its 9th repeat ruler mount the throne.   
 One man has
ruled this kingdom six times, two others have ruled it four times each,   
couple has ruled it three times.  Most past rulers have friends who come   
to rule
the Kingdom, as well.  The final six combatants in the most recent Crown
tourney included three counts.  Also, a number of people have been close
counsellors to more than one Crown.

There's no formal list passed from ruler to ruler, but there is   
And, in my view, a true Lion is obvious to see.

With respect,

 - Galen of Bristol
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