Lion of Ansteorra

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Wed Jul 2 11:05:09 PDT 1997

Good Morning,

  I am hesitant to open my mouth here, but I have to say a few things
  that I think may get overlooked or underemphasized. I feel they are
  important issues on this topic.

  First, out of ~28 years, or ~56 possible Lions, only 3 reigns have had
  no Lion made. I do not think that if it happens only 5% of the time it
  is a tradition. It may be to some, but over all, as Galen pointed out,
  it is just precedence.

  Second, this is a very personal issue for the Crown. They can do as
  they please. If they want to be *there* with the person to celebrate
  the elevation, then they have the right. (I know I would want to see
  their face and join in their pride if I were a ruler. This would make
  it more real and meaningful to me.) If they feel it's important that
  the person not get "overlooked", then they can announce it in abstenia.
  I don't think that they, or anyone, should settle for second-best on
  something this personal either.

  Third, those who are the Lions of Ansteorra that have not been
  elevated *will* be recognized by all of us and eventually elevated. If
  they stop doing the things they love and stop playing the game because
  they are overlooked, then they are not truly Lions. As well, although
  there is not a list, there are still people to counsel on the issue.
  The previous rulers don't just disappear, the current Lions, as well
  as all of the peers and other counselers that the Crown calls upon.
  Not to mention those individuals who continue their letter writing
  campaigns to bring people to the Crown's attention.

  Finally, using the red flag of extremes never sways me, nor I hope
  most, in an argument. Saying that any extreme in a situation is the
  same as every situation is not valid. Traditions are good things to
  most people. These are the ones who identify us as a people and as
  well as make us, as a person or society, unique. Other traditions,
  that hurt people, are not good and should be disbanned. Being
  "overlooked" for this award that is close and personal to the Crown
  does not hurt anyone, except maybe the Crown who can't bestow this
  personal honor onto the person they desire.

  I will try to write down what I feel makes a Lion in the near future.


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