Loch Guardian Tourney! July 11th -- 13

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Greetings dear Cousins of the Society!

Lord Manfred here again with directions to the upcoming LOCH GUARDIAN
TOURNEY, to be held on July 11-13 at Lake Houston State Park...

>From houston take 59 north to New Caney exit,  travel east two miles to
Baptist Encampment Road, turn south for 1.5 miles to park entrance. Look for
the signs!

An update on some of the competitions and prizes -
     Loch Guardian (Chivalric):    Title, pressed shield blank, rattan, etc.
     Loch Champion (Rapier):  Title, buckler, new blade, etc.
     Loch Artisan (A&S): Title, wooden A&S lap desk, etc.
     Bard O'the Loch:         Title, hand-tooled leather portfolio, etc.
     Archer's Duel:      Hand-tooled leather quiver in Loch colors
     Obstacle Course:         Crystal decanter
     Rogue O'the Loch (boffer):    Title(?), Bag O'Loot

We hope to see YOU there!  Thanks again for spreading the word!

          Lord Manfred Wolf
          Event Steward - LOCH GUARDIAN TOURNEY
          Barony of Loch Soilleir  (Clear Lake, TX)

mka Joe Wolf
(713) 932-7071 before 9pm

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