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> >>   On July 11th -- 13th, among the shady and cool pines of Lake Houston
> >>State Park (North of Houston) will take place the LOCH GUARDIAN Tourney.
> >
> >>          Lord Manfred Wolf
> >>          Event Steward - LOCH GUARDIAN TOURNEY
> >>          Barony of Loch Soilleir   (Clear Lake, TX)
> >>
> >
> >
> >At the chance of sounding stupid.....Is this the State Park? If not where
> >is this place? Thanks for any information ...
> >
> >Chari
> >
> >
> Yep that was stupid...I meant to ask if that means Sam Houston State
> Park...sorry....
No the event is at Lake Houston State Park and the directions are:

>From Houston , 59 north to New Caney exit, travel east two miles to
Baptist encampment road , turn south for 1.5 miles to park entrance.
Site opens 6pm Friday the eleventh of July and closes noon Sunday.

This is a beautiful park with winding footpaths through the deep woods,
little footbridges,fire rings,grills and most important of all
(especially at four in the morning) bathrooms at the 
camp sites.
I will be using the site for an event I'm stewarding in October
and fell in love with it at first site. If you are a nature lover 
bring you binoculars we saw more wildlife when we walked the site then
I can identify.
If you are a fighter there is peach creek to cool off in afterward
it is supposed to be for wading but with the recent rain there's no
telling how deep
it is now.


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