Kathy Lee kal35810 at
Tue Jul 1 16:40:43 PDT 1997

>     Greetings,
>     Would anyone happen to have the address of the lady who was gathering 
>     Pennsic information?  We have received our confirmations from the 
>     Coopers but I have misplaced the information we need to send within 
>     the Ansteorran encampment.
>     Thanks,
>     Tadhg

Send them to me -- the informatio is in your July Blackstar.

Kathy Lee
3601 Allen Parkway, #1413
Houston, TX  77019

or, fill out the form below & e-mail it back to me at KAL35810 at



Ansteorran Pennsic Information Form

Please Submit One Form per Tent

Note:  This form is for IN-KINGDOM USE ONLY;
You still must complete and mail the Pennsic Pre-Registration Form
by 6/1/97 in order to reserve land at the war.


Mundane Name(s): 

Mailing Address:

Telephone Number: 

E-Mail Address:

Have you sent in your PAID ($60) pre-registration form?


Group you are planning to camp with at the war (Barony, shire, household, etc.):

Does you group have a common pavilion?		Size?

Your tent size:

Is your tent a period pavillion?

Will you be cooking in camp?

Will you be setting up a camp shower?

How late will your group be out at the war (at night):
10pm	Midnight	2 am	all night

Approximate arrival date:

Is this your first pennsic?	yes	no	I don't remember

Any special needs?


When complete, please mail / e-mail to:

HL Katerina Aretino  (Kathy Lee)
3601 Allen Parkway, #1413
Houston, TX  77019

KAL35810 at

(713) 523-4418  (no calls after 10:30 pm, please)

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