Loch Guardian Tourney July 11th -- 13th

Joe Wolf "JOE.B.WOLF" at [NO-SPAM]conoco.dupont.com
Thu Jul 3 13:41:51 PDT 1997

Greetings dear Cousin of the Society!

   I am Lord Manfred Wolf of the Barony of Loch Soilleir and I beg your
assistance!  I am a first-time Autocrat, and I find myself in quite a
predicament.  My event, LOCH GUARDIAN, is a good size tourney bestowing
4 titles (Chivalric champion, Rapier champion, A&S, and Bardic).  But
the rains of May drowned us out!  We've rescheduled - but arranging a
new site, deciding an open date, an autocrat who moved, etc prevented us
from getting an announcement in the _BlackStar_.  We are forced to use
this electronic medium to try and spread the word!

   Please pass this missive either electronically or hard-copy to any
and all of our society cousins.  Feel free to cut/paste any or all of
the copy, but please help spread the word!  

   On July 11th -- 13th, among the shady and cool pines of Lake Houston
State Park (North of Houston) will take place the LOCH GUARDIAN
Tourney.  There will be something for everyone!  Chivalric and Rapier
Swiss-5 tourneys, Title Bard competition, Loch Artisan competition, an
Archer's Duel, a themed obstacle course, even boffer dagger-duels by
torchlight!  Many hand-crafted prizes have been commissioned for the
title winners.  All of this will take place the weekend *AFTER*  the 4th
of July... a perfect time!  The Kingdom calendar reads "OPEN."

   Site fee is $6 and there is plenty of camping space, and
motels/hotels are close to the site.  Bardic circles are planned for the
evening, along with the dagger duels!  This should prove to be a
memorable event.  A feast, featuring shish-ka-bobs, pilafs, sauces
extreme, and more will be offered for $4.  Our cook is Her Ladyship
Tegan, a name among feastcrats! (And I can personally vouch for her

   Merchants are encouraged, welcomed, and assisted!  In fact, merchants
may barter for their site fees with the proceeds going into the prize
coffers!  An auction will also be held, so take this opportunity to
practice for the Pennsic buying-spree!

   Site opens on Friday, June 11th at 6pm and closes Sunday at Noon.  

   From Houston take 59 north to New Caney exit,  travel east two miles
to Baptist Encampment Road, turn south for 1.5 miles to park entrance. 
We had no trouble finding the site, and drive time was all of 30 minutes
from the city!  Look for the signs!

Some of the competitions and prizes -
	Loch Guardian (Chivalric):	Title, pressed shield blank, rattan, plus
	Loch Champion (Rapier):	Title, buckler, new blade, plus "chest"
	Loch Artisan (A&S):	Title, wooden A&S lap desk, plus "chest"
	Bard O'the Loch:		Title, hand-tooled leather portfolio, plus "chest"
	Archer's Duel:		Hand-tooled leather quiver in Loch colors
	Obstacle Course:		Crystal decanter
	Rogue O'the Loch (boffer):	Title(?), Bag O'Loot

We hope to see YOU there!  Thanks again for spreading the word!

		Lord Manfred Wolf
		Barony of Loch Soilleir  (Clear Lake, TX)

mka Joe Wolf
(713) 932-7071 before 9pm

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