Lion of Ansteorra

Pug Bainter pug at
Mon Jul 7 04:58:39 PDT 1997

> >   First, out of ~28 years, or ~56 possible Lions, only 3 reigns have had
> >   no Lion made. I do not think that if it happens only 5% of the time it
> >   is a tradition. It may be to some, but over all, as Galen pointed out,
> >   it is just precedence.
> Pug, I agree with the gist of your message.  However, your mathematical 
> abilities just about gave me a heart attack!  28 years!  Gosh, I remember 
> when we were just a Region and I've only been in 20!  

Gosh, you mean not everyone gets 28 when they subtract 79 from 97? Damn.
I better find a calculator. *grin*

Sorry about that.


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