Mailing list changes...

Pug Bainter pug at
Thu Jul 10 09:20:27 PDT 1997

Good Morning,

  This morning the mailing lists were moved from to
  Ansteorra.ORG. This change was brought on by the idiocy at the ISP as
  well as the fact that their last good SysAdmin is leaving in 2 weeks.
**This is an important change since all add and remove requests have**
**to be sent to Majordomo at Ansteorra.ORG and not Majordomo at **

  All of the addresses for the lists at point to the new
  address, but please inform anyone who might be interested, that the
  list address has changed. As well, the subscription information at has been changed.

  I apologize for doing this without any notice, but there were other
  problems that prompted me to move it immediately instead of waiting.

  Please let me know of any problems immediately so I can rectify them.

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