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Wed Jul 9 21:03:11 PDT 1997

> Hey, I've heard some rumblings on the Cooks list but does anyone 
> know what is the newly controversial ruling by the BoD about 
> alcohol?  I've gotten some ideas but I don't really know what the 
> full ruling is.

> Anybody?
> Gunthar

Nobody here.  I don't know about a *new* ruling, but I can volunteer 
what I know about Ansteorran rules (after 2 & 1/2 years helping with 
the kingdom treasurer's office).  I'm going to just assume that you 
mean purchasing alcohol for use in cooking/preparing SCA feasts using 
SCA funds (group $, etc.).  Corporate Treasurer's guidelines once 
made provision for this, HOWEVER, here in Ansteorra, we have long 
had a policy that states we NEVER purchase alcohol with SCA funds - 
to be used in cooking or otherwise.  I think the policy was put into 
effect when the limited-use purchase allowance was abused too often.  

In addition to groups who didn't adhere to the rule properly, there 
was always the problem of dishes which were not cooked - thus they 
had fairly high alcohol content when served.  The problems with this 
were probably due to people who had allergic reactions to the 
alcohol used or someone complaining that minors had open access to 
the dish, etc.....  In short, there were just *way* too many problems 
(not to mention legal liability) that could come from failure to cook 
all of the "alcohol" out of the dish.

Here's a suggestion I've heard given by the treasurer's office on 
ways to finance the purchase of alcohol to use in cooked dishes 
to be served at SCA events:  take up a private collection where 
people donate money specifically for the purpose of providing 
cooking wine, etc. to be used to prepare feasts.  Never, EVER, 
deposit this money into your group's account (as it then complicates 
things severely for your group's treasurer).

I'm not presuming to speak on behalf of the Kingdom of Ansteorra, 
(who me?)  so if you question the validity of anything I've said, 
please contact your kingdom treasurer's office for confirmation. 

My guess is, even if the BoD has a new ruling, our Kingdom will still 
be held to our guidelines *unless their new rule is MORE strict than 

I'd be interested in hearing about the new rule.

- Kat (you did say "anybody") MacLochlainn
Lori Campbell
Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, Library

(Opinions are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer)

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