Staked Plains

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Fri Jul 11 05:58:58 PDT 1997

The rapier battles were the same, as with the heavy, with about 8- eight 
fighters per side, outlands one all but one scenerio.  we all had a great

as normal the tie breaker came at bardic, first second and third place ,
was as follow's
yellow, yellow, and red,  Outlands won.
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On Thu, 10 Jul 1997 18:49:44 -0500 Scott White <swhite at>
>Here's the lowdown on Saturday's War Practice between Ansteorra and 
>Outlands at War of the Staked Plains:
>The armies numbered about 50 on a side at the outset, with the 
>Ansteorran contingent hailing from the kingdom's western region (and 
>looked mighty dapper in matching gold/red tabards, I might add). As at 
>Wars VI, Ansteorra presented a much finer display of kingdom colors 
>our opponents.
>We fought two defile battles (armies faced each other in a ravine --
>neat!); two 'weeds' battles (in waist-high weeds and scrub, much like
>Estrella's broken field); two open-field battles; one resurrection 
>battle; and two haystack castle battles.
>The advantage bounced back and forth between the two armies, and 
>though I
>didn't keep exact count, I believe the Outlands won one or two battles 
>than us when all was said and done.
>Archery was allowed in all scenarios but the weeds battle, and I even 
>a bolt or two with my ballista during the castle battle.
>The Outlanders killed-from-behind with wild abandon, and though 
>was allowed to participate in this practice by the marshals, we 
>our sultan's example and always engaged our opponents when we had 
>to outmaneuver them.
>One bone I'd like to pick with my Ansteorran brothers-in-arms:
>Seemed like every time we'd win a battle, 1/3 of our army would say, 
>like we've got this under control" and depart. By the time we reached 
>final battle, our numbers had dwindled to roughly 15 (!) to the 
>Outlands' 25+.
>All in all: Good fighting. Good practice. Good event.
><swhite at>
>PS -- I took a roll of film & should have photos on my site sometime 
>week. I'll let you know when.

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