Kingdom Dance & Music Symposium

Paul Mitchell pmitchel at
Sat Jul 12 13:09:16 PDT 1997

The Ansteorran Kingdom Dance & Music Symposium will be August 2nd,
in the Barony of Elfsea (Arlington, TX, between Dallas & Fort
Worth), in a lovely air-conditioned site.

Those of you going to Pennsic, just save out one set of garb,
and some feast gear, and maybe a mask for the masque ball,
and come out to learn the dances they'll be doing in the barn.
The rest of you, don't let August go by without any SCA events!

I am the coordinator for the European court dance classes,
Duchess Willow is coordinating middle eastern dance classes,
and Master Avatar is once again coordinating instrumental

There are still openings for European dance classes.  Please
contact me at 817/795-7679 (hm) or 817/777-3664 (wk) or 
pmitchel at (hm) or paul.t.mitchell at (wk) if
you'd like to teach.  I particularly need intermediate and
advanced teachers.  I have three one-hour holes to fill,
or four if I can bump my "Fighters Who Can't or Won't Dance
and the Gentles Who Love Them" class.

Rumor control:  The Masque Ball is on!  Don't know who or
why it got out this had been cancelled.  It hadn't been.

Check your July _Black Star_ for more info; this event will
_not_ be in the August issue.


- Galen

Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, CSM, etc.
Paul Mitchell, pmitchel at / "noblesse oblige" 
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