Loch Gaurdian

Angela M Viator av4 at evansville.edu
Tue Jul 15 12:25:41 PDT 1997

I wanted to thank everyone who put together this event for making my
first event a delight to attend. Though no "magic moments" occured where I
felt like I was not in the modern era, I did catch glimpses of what it
must have really been like back then. I am led to believe all first events
are magical in their own way, mine certainly was. The site was beautiful,
and all the fighters were honorable men and women whom I was glad to bear
water for. Though Stargate stepped away with the titles, I believe that
Loch Sollier is truely the victor for boasting some of the most hospitable
people I've met to date. You know who you are...if you introduced
yourself/were introduced to a senorita from the Midrealm, I speak of you.
!y proximo, Pennsic!          {and next, Pennsic!}

viva Stargate y Loch Sollier,
viva reina y rey,
tambien viva Ansteorra,
y viva el suen~o ahora!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|          Luv&Luck,
          Isabel Soberbia         |              Angel Viator
  Incipient Canton of West Gate   |
      The Barony of Stargate      |
           ~ANSTEORRA~            |

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