Chivalry, Grace, and Women

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Tue Jul 15 13:43:55 PDT 1997

>>4. Do you agree/disagree with the statement that grace is the feminine
>>mirror of the masculine virtue of chivalry? Why or why not?

 >It sounds good and most certainly is the traditional way of things. I
 >believe that it is only in modern times that this question would even
 >be asked.

It is only in this modern era that women can fight without pretending to
be male. But in trying to merge the modern and old worldes where does one
draw the thin line between the "traditional" role of a woman to be
graceful and the modern idea of a female fighter? Must she lose her
gracefulness and take up being chivalrous yet masculine? NO. Must she
be judged differently because she is female? NO. Should the powers that be
judge a fighter's worthiness to be a squire/knight based on if said
fighter fights with HONOR, behaves COURTEOUSLY, and has RESPECT for others
in general? YES.
I may not know exactly how fighters are chosen to be squires, but I
understand the gist of what is being evaluated.

>>7. Do you believe that the SCA values grace equally with chivalry?
I like to think it does.

>>9. Should grace be a consideration when evaluating a woman for
>>squireship or knighthood? Why or why not?
 NO. Evaluating males and females for squireship or knighthood should be
equal, based on their fighting and honor on and off the feild (can they
kill 'em and can they do it politely :) just joking, trying to keep things
light) but seriously, proper courtesy and skill in fighting is all that is
needed. When you get right down to it, it appears to me, that what is
sought after is a fighter who can do their job well and uphold the honor
of the circle.

as far as how male fighters should treat female fighters off the
field...if she is daintily attired, what seems to be the right thing to
do, and should she be attired as if she is ready for WAR, what seems to be
the right thing to do? (hint, a female can get VERY irritated when a male
is condescending or acts like because she is female she can't be as good
at xx as he is). Furthermore, think that female and male gentles...err...
...non-fighters, to be PC ;)... should treat the female fighters as they
would a male fighter, after all both are out there fighting for the honor
of their king/consort and both when in armor need assistance getting
things/carrying things.

BTW have there ever been any female King or Queen's champions? ...I'm not
that versed in the history of fighting in the SCA (or anywhere else for
that matter)

fire away ;)

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