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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Wed Jul 16 13:16:08 PDT 1997

Kat said:

In the interest of C-our-A, I'd like to point out that in this 
kingdom, a treasurer is required to attend a treasurer's class (where 
rules like this should be taught) to become a fully warranted 
officer.  The longest anyone can hold the position unwarranted 
(acting) is 30-90 days, depending on individual circumstances. 
Occasionally, however, someone misses taking the class and 
signs a check to pay for something that isn't allowable.   

In short, it's not surprising you haven't heard of the rule.  
However, any treasurer signing checks to cover items with SCA funds 
*should* know these guidelines.

Hmmm. I may not be clear on things but I thought that the baronial
checks had to have two out of three signatures. Thus the exchecker
need not be the one signing the checks. The other two being the
senschale and ?. Perhaps anyone authorised to sign checks should
have this treasurers training or at least an abreviated course.

Stefan li Rous
markh at

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