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At 07:55 AM 7/18/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Someone wrote:
>> I'm going to just assume that you mean purchasing alcohol for use in
>> cooking/preparing SCA feasts using SCA funds (group $, etc.).
>M. Dore wrote:
>> Nope. They mean SELLING, or more to the point, RE-SELLING [alcohol].
>Nope.  As the other mail on this topic has made clear, they (SCA
>Corporate and Ansteorra) mean *any* purchase of alcohol, even just for
>Daniel "what about Robitussin?" de Lincoln
>Tim McDaniel.   Reply to tmcd at
>tmcd at is not a valid address.

Some one beat this man with a chicken please............

The policy up till now allowed you to use common sense in application.  IE
Rubbing alcohol could be bought, so could things like denatured alcohol
used as a cleaner for some type of paints.  We should not be purchasing
things like cough syrup and nyquil anyway.  Those types of products go
beyond the scope of first aid that we are providing at events.  If
necessary I can add the chemical description to the type of alcohol that is
not to be purchased, but I really think that would be a little extreme.  
Use common sense, the policy applies to alcohol that is consumable by humans.

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