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Fri Jul 18 11:32:24 PDT 1997

Heilsa to all Good Ansteorrans and True...

Kief here...writing from Lorraine's account.

I will apologize now to all those I might offend...

>The policy up till now allowed you to use common sense in application.  IE

The forbid any of us to possibly have or use "common sense"

"Let us lead you down the Right and Proper Path little SCAer's... For We have
the advice of Lawyers and Those that worship the Great Leveler 'Political
Correctness'... Do not worry your feeble minds with thoughts that might be
deemed 'original' or 'common knowledge' for We know best... Come, follow Us
into the Light of 'non-thought' baaaaa-baaaaaa-baaaaaa..." 

>Rubbing alcohol could be bought, so could things like denatured alcohol
>used as a cleaner for some type of paints.  We should not be purchasing
>things like cough syrup and nyquil anyway.  Those types of products go
>beyond the scope of first aid that we are providing at events.  If
>necessary I can add the chemical description to the type of alcohol that is
>not to be purchased, but I really think that would be a little extreme.  
>Use common sense, the policy applies to alcohol that is consumable by humans.

I would guess then that all flavorings, such as vanilla, should be avoided.
While we're at it... Why not make up a list of _all_ the allergies that folks
have to different foods, the different insects, and other such and institute a
policy that bans those foods, bans contact with insects (no more outdoor sites)
and then we can start to work on all those other pesky problems that we might
be sued over... Such as injury from fighting, tripping over long skirts or
belts, sunburn, dancing related injuries... Oh, be sure to not allow anyone to
leave any event until they pass a breath-analyser and drug ingestion test...
Also, let's mandate that there are quiet hours from 9:00 p.m. on with a curfew
of 11:00 p.m. that way everyone will get a restful nights sleep and not fall
asleep on the drive home. And, no one can attend any event that is such a
distance from their home that they have to drive more than 2 hours on a Friday
night after they get off from work..........*blech*

Now, Good Folks, don't get me wrong... I'm all for lessened liability.
we really need such a sweeping policy on alcohol? Surely the policy that has
been effect in Ansteorra for some number of years is quite sufficent. To
paraphrase: No SCA chapter will buy alcohol to serve in any manner at an event,
nor shall the chapter buy the ingredients to manufacture an alcohol product.

Any residual amount left from cooking is but a trace. Those folks that are
alcohol intolerant should, like all other folks with an allergy, call the cook
and request a list of ingredients used in the meal...

Remember the old saw about the tent and the camel's nose...? Well, IMO, that
applies to this policy. As well as other recent 'rulings' from the BoD...

I do hope that this missive will be 'food for thought' (non-alcoholic) and lead
to a 'less government is better' attitude...

>Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald
>Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for Ansteorra

Sir Arenvald Kief av Kiersted  (Lee Cockerham)
Southern Regional Seneschal

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