SCA Purchases

J'lynn Yeates jyeates at
Fri Jul 18 09:32:48 PDT 1997

On 18 Jul 97 at 15:02, William H. Herron III wrote:

> I don't want to talk about the legal side of this.  It's a valid
> expenditure, and if I had ever been presented with receipts I would have
> reimbursed without question.  I want to know the opinions that people
> have on the, er, "correctness" of the expense.

apples and oranges ... 

last i heard, providing condoms was not action that made one legally
liable (birth control pills are another matter being a prescription
item).  basic, off the shelf first aid materials that a "reasonable"
(one of the final legal testings) would keep on hand are a
reasonable and in my mind allowable expense.

> ... Should we pay for such items?

no.  nor should you be in any way expected to provide what is a 
*clearly* a matter of personal responsibility.  if the sub-set of 
people who require them want to *donate* the actual items (condoms) 
or funds to purchase them (or replace those that were used ...) 
that's another matter entirely. 

this digression is a far different matter than using organizational
funds for purchase of alcohol.  for the record i am a drinker and 
in complete support of the BOD position ... having close ties to the
local club scene and having experience with the legal chaos one
irresponsible fool can wreck in a society looking for scapegoats and
easy fix's.


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