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Decker, Terry D. TerryD at Health.State.OK.US
Fri Jul 18 19:48:46 PDT 1997

Bubba, Bubba, Bubba,

I see you're stirring the pot again.

> So, my question is, if the chiurgeon decided to keep some form of birth
> control in the box (and for my example, I'll say condoms), and this was
> a part of supplies used during a weekend, should the SCA be responsible
> for reimbursing that expense?

Since the sensibilities and morals of people differ, this should be a group 
decision.  If the group decides to carry such supplies, the SCA should pay. 
 If the chiurgeon unilaterally decides to carry them, they could be for 
that individual's personal use; therefore, an improper expense for the 

As a practical note, the OK State Health Dept. gives condoms away for 
Family Planning and stopping STDs.  We take a tremendous amount of abuse 
from the moralists who believe AIDS is a judgement upon the immoral and 
sinful.  The SCA does not need this.  We get enough flack.

During my first 10 years in the SCA, I carried condoms in a dopp kit which 
could be found just inside the door of my tent.  It was open knowledge and 
they were available for anyone who needed them.  I did not want to know who 
was doing what to whom, so it was a case of help yourself while I was gone. 
 No one ever abused the privilege.


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