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Fri Jul 18 19:52:37 PDT 1997

Hi there, Aquilanne here.

wolf replies
>the issue is not about "sex happens", but about basic personal 

Though I agree that individuals need to take responsibility for their own
actions, I happen to be one of those bleeding hearts that believe that
community involvement and social responsibility can play a big part in the
actions of individuals.  I'm a true believer in giving people ample
opportunity to make responsible decisions. To some degree, regardless of our
attempts to remain islands in a sea of humanity, we *are* our brothers'
keepers. That kind of caring is the glue that binds us as a community.

>true, "sex happens", but especially in the modern world, not taking 
>basic precautions to guard your health and that of your partners is 
>the height of irresponsibility.  basic common sense dictates that if 
>you are sexually active, you carry condoms ... been doing so since i 
>was 18, lets see that was about 22'ish years ago.  

I agree completely and I do applaud you in your consistent concientiousness.
Would that more folk would do the same. However, just knowing that condoms
are readily available close by is sometimes the only impetus needed to help
someone make a responsible decision.

>hey, i carry my own field kits with me optimised for my primary 
>activities ... that being  to repair abrasion (motorcyclist) and to 
>deal with my allergies.  that is easily carried in my kit-bag.  
>usually pack more complete general kit in the truck, still it's nice 
>to know that the people responsible for the other specialized 
>activities that i enjoy (say heavy fighting) have the foresight to 
>keep medical kits optimized for those activities to hand ... i have 
>no problem contributing to allowing funds to be allocated to support 
>such kits.

Once again, I think that your practice of staying prepared is one that more
of us should be more concientious about. As I stated in my previous posting:

 "As to the SCA being "responsible" for the purchase of condoms, I don't
believe there's any rule anywhere that holds the SCA responsible for the
purchase and distribution of such supplies (or first-aid supplies, for that
matter). I do believe that it's a good idea." 

Like I said, none of the chirurgeon/first-aid stuff is "required" of the
SCA; it's just a courtesy and a good idea. Just as I think it's a good idea
to have chirurgeons bring a first aid kit to an event, I think it's a good
idea to include a few condoms. They can be picked up for free at most any
student health center, being that condoms are considered a preventative
health measure.

>> Unless, of course, you're one of those who believe that sex is evil and that
>> those engaging in it deserve any disease or unwanted pregnancy that
>> develops; quite frankly that type of folk have always struck me as just not
>> very nice or caring folk.
>no need to resort to isults or make unwarranted assumptions about my 
>beliefs, nor attempt to "seed" the conversation accordingly.

Im so sorry if it seemed I was attacking you personally, I certainly did not
mean to. I do tend to get a bit fervent on this kind of subject, and there
are, regretfully, the rare few that really do believe the sort of thing I
mentioned; I've had the disheartening experience of talking with some of
them. Scary stuff. Once again, I apologize for any offense I inadvertantly
tossed your way.

>like i said, if you can't afford them, weren't responsivble enough
>to pack them, need more than you planned for, feel free to track me
>down, as i usually carry spares ... and as practice usually donate to 
>the "condom jar" when i pass it by (take one when you need one, put 
>one back when you have one ...).  

But what if you're not there? We can't expect you to bear the burden of
condom distribution single-handedly (I know there's a really distasteful
joke in there somewhere ;->). Like I mentioned before, condoms are readily
available for free from many health centers; no reason why a chirurgeon
couldn't just pick up a handful and stuff 'em in the kit along with the
bandaids. And unlike some over-the-counter medication, condoms don't cause
allergic reactions (unless they're flourescent green or somesuch :) ).

>a public donation system (the jar approach) seems to work a lot
>better about keeping such matters visible and in mind ... which in
>my experience serves to encourage people to take responsibility for
>their own actions.

Yep yep yep. That's similar to what the health centers do.

>though it would be wonderfully amusing if some king levied a 
>kingdom-wide "condom tax" for grins ...

Well, Ansteorra *is* purportedly a very fertile and productive kingdom,
sooooooo....    ;->


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