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On Fri, 18 Jul 1997, J'lynn Yeates <jyeates at> wrote:
> basic common sense dictates that if you are sexually active, you
> carry condoms ...

Common sense, alas, is a contradiction in terms!

As well, there's the question of how to carry them where they won't
get exposed to heat (which lets out my wallet, and in summer my feast
box and my car), and how often one remembers to replace old ones.

As well, there are those of us whose sexual activities occur at
geological era boundaries ("yeah, I tricked with him at the end of the

> > One could just as easily claim that if a fighters want to fight,
> > then they should provide their own first aid supplies, as taking
> > care of one's self physically in a voluntary activity is, to quote
> > the good wolf, "*clearly* a matter of personal responsibility."

The second-most important ingestible is water [0].  Every fighter
knows that they're going to need lots of it, especially in summer.
Therefore, we should dissolve the waterbearers [1] and not bother to
keep water at the field, even at bone-dry sites.

(Actually, I'm semi-serious about that.  Why *don't* fighters bring
their own?)

> like i said, if you can't afford them, weren't responsivble enough
> to pack them, 

Excuse me -- "not responsible enough"?  I've needed condoms at an
event exactly once in about 20 years.  To use Gunnora's wonderful
term, it was "galloping gonads" with a person I met at the event.
(To shock the few people on the list who know me: she was *female*,
and still is.)  We drove off site about 5 miles and happened across an
large all-night gas station.  I can well imagine people with less
well-disciplined gonads saying "aw, screw it" [2] and dispensing with

> need more than you planned for,

*snort* Problems I wish I had, #3 (below "too much money" and "too
much healthy, enjoyable immortality").

> feel free to track me down, as i usually carry spares ...

 I don't know you; b) my event in question was in Ann Arbor,
Michigan ...

I agree that it's not a requirement that a chiurgeon carry birth
control devices, but I don't think anyone has said it is.  I think it
reasonable that
- that a branch provide them if they like.
- that they ask a donation for replacement cost (I wouldn't require a
  fee; if someone is lacking change, they might again say "screw it"
  and do it).
- that people donate them to their local chiurgeons.


[0] Breathing air is #1.

[1] "Dissolve the waterbearers" in what, alcohol?  If so, the SCA
    can't buy it.

[2] Look, I've been good at avoiding all the obvious puns and jokes in
    this thread; please grant me one!

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