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dennis grace amazing at
Fri Jul 18 22:06:41 PDT 1997

Daniel de Lincoln wrote:
>[1] "Dissolve the waterbearers" in what, alcohol?  If so, the SCA
>    can't buy it.

teehee. But it's not the rubbing type of alcohol the SCA can't buy--just the
drinkable stuff. We *could* try dissolving the waterbearers in the water
they've just borne onto the site ;->, with maybe a touch of DMSO. But maybe
they'd just get waterlogged, and we'd have to settle for pulp (yeah, I know
it's a bit of a stretch, but it pays to stay in shape).

>[2] Look, I've been good at avoiding all the obvious puns and jokes in
>    this thread; please grant me one!

No No--please! Don't--stop!

(who's also painfully refrained from all manner of nasty puns ;->)

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