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Actually, it isn't a Usenet newsgroup, but a mailing list.

> I know that now we are more PC and have events other than tourneys,
> but look at our roots, where we came from, way back when it was
> about knights and ladies and then we got PC, and a lot more fun :).

I'm trying very hard not to write angry words in reply.  I'm not a
fighter, I don't find fighting fun to watch, and I truly detest the
useless sneer term term "PC", much less being accused of it because
what I like to do for fun is different from someone else's idea and
vice versa.

(No, the smiley doesn't help.)

> Does it really sound prioritized to provide condoms in first aid
> kits originally designed for our fighters which others use when in
> need?

Would you please explain why condoms are so huge or expensive that
they'll crowd out other supplies -- why we can't have both, especially
if stuff is donated?

Would you care to explain why conditions at events years past have
anything *whatsoever* to do with useful medical kits today?  We're not
*buying* supplies for those events.

This also leaves aside the question of whether first aid kits were
originally designed for fighters anyway.  Did anyone turn away
non-fighters?  Did they only get items useful for fighters?  I hardly
think anyone at this remove can say.

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