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Greetings all!  Pray heed the following event announcement.  I would be 
greatly obliged if this could be forwarded to other mailing lists that 
might be interested!  Thanks!



The Alexandrian Symposium on Medieval Women will be held on Saturday,  
August 30, 1997, at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, 
Texas.  The site is the *air-conditioned* Music Department building.

Join us for a day of classes and discussion as we explore the various 
roles of women in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, as well as in 
antiquity.  We will examine what history, archeology, literature and 
folklore have to say for and about pre-17th century women.

Classes confirmed at this time are: Women in Trades and Guilds; Hidden 
Lives - Women of the Middle Class; Music in the Cloister - Female 
Religious Composers; Isabella of Spain; Simple Annihilated Souls - The 
History of the Beguines;  Female Troubadours; Warriors and Warleaders - 
Women in Battle; Prostitutes and Courtesans; Female Mystics of the Middle 
Ages;  Women's Work - Textiles and Economy; Medieval Contraception 
(NC-17); Women and Magic in the Icelandic Sagas; Exclusion of Women from 
Culture in 10th c. England; Women in Medieval Russia; Transvestite Saints 
- Women Posing as Men. 

There will also be a "Women's Workroom" where ladies practicing period 
domestic crafts can demonstrate their arts.  Some children's classes will 
be arranged.  There will be a baby-sitting service on site for a fee of 
$3.00 per child.  Please provide your child's lunch if you take advantage 
of this service.

Light refreshments will be provided during the day for teachers and 
students.  The day will end with a relaxed evening revel featuring good 
food, music and conversation. 

Registration begins at 830 AM with classes starting at the civilized hour 
of 10 AM.  Some classes have limited attendance so please reserve your 
space in class ahead of time, or plan to arrive early.

Costume is optional during the day as most classes will be taught from a 
modern viewpoint.  Costume will be required for the revel after classes.

Site fee: $7.00  Children under 6: $2.00

Directions to SWTS University.  Take your best route to I-35.  San Marcos 
is on I-35 between San Antonio and Austin.  Take the Aquarena Springs 
Exit at the north end of town and go west.  You will pass the stadium, go 
across the river, and turn Right on Sessoms.  Go to the second stop-light 
and left on LBJ.  The Music Department will be right there.  Signs will 
direct you to the appropriate area.

For more information and class reservations call:

Mistress Jessamyn (Grace Morris) - 512-392-4492

Mistress Mari (Karen Moon) - 210-657-1311 

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