Amazon activities at Coronation in Gonzales, TX

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             Coronation  25-27 July, A.S. XXXII [A.D. 1997]
         The Baronies of Bjornsborg and Bryn Gwlad are proud to present
Coronation, Queen's Champion and King's Champion Tourneys at Lakewood
Recreation Center in Gonzales, TX. The site opens at 5:00 PM Friday and
closes at 5:00 PM  Sunday.

The Baronial Autocrats of Bjornsborg and Bryn Gwlad has asked that the
Amazon  household sponsor the drumming and party encampment .

Around Noon,  Saturday there will be a household meeting (noonish sca
time ) .

Saturday evening,Come and join the Amazon household as they sponsor  the
drumming and Party encampment . Drumming, dancing, and  fun in Amazon
Bring your Chair or some thing to sit on and join in on the fun, enjoy.

There will be a potluck supper early Saturday for family , friends and
alliances. For those not holding  reservations for  the feast. Bring
your favorite dishOther food news:
Also on Sunday morning, the Ansteorran Longship Project will be
presenting an Omelet breakfast for the reasonable price of $3.00.

In service to the Amazon Household,
Lady Mother Mistress Regina DeMasquer's Daughter,
Yrsa Mysingerdotor
In my 13th year in the society.
There is no darkness like ignorance.
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