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Tue Jul 22 13:07:30 PDT 1997

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>Siobhan again.
>Okay.  For those of you who enjoy hypothetical moral dilemmas, try this:
>You are a warranted chiurgeon who has chosen to carry condoms.  As part of
>your training for your office, you have been made aware that you may not
>treat a minor without parental consent.  In fact, you are not even to offer
>them an aspirin.  One starlit spring evening, two young (and I mean young)
>lovers approach you requesting a condom.  You know they are 15 and 16 years
>old, and they make it fairly clear that they are going to have sex, with or
>without protection.  Do you violate policy and give them a condom?  Is there
>an answer to this question that is both legally and morally correct?
>"We read to be reminded we are not alone."  C.S. Lewis

Ahhhh, good Mistress, you make it so easy....

I simply take out my handy copy of "Sores, cancres, and boils; a pictorial
guide to the perils of pre-marital coitus,"- lavishly illustrated in full
colour with an appendix on amputations.  Whilst said couple leafs though it,
temporarily distracted, I grab my cell phone from out of my kit (which is
*better* than any silly old condom) and call their parents.  See, no problem:)


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