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Heilsa all Ansteorrans Good and True...
Kief here...writing form you know where...

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>>>Liberals!  Might as well learn to live with them, there're too many to   
>>Am I the only one who finds this statement at least somewhat offensive?
>What is a liberal? Is that like a saxon? or maybe a Norman?
>Sir Burke
>a curious scotsman

Brother! I heard a rumor that Liberals were from a mythical City-state called
Kansas... This Kansas rises from the deep grasses of our Right Good neighbor
Calontir every four years or so... Much to their chagrin... They seem to make
War upon that distant tribe what was there name.. I have
it... Con-Servatives...this tribe, it is said, sometimes feed upon their own.
Much like the Liberals... I wonder that they War with each other when they have
so much in common... *Laughter* I guess that you could say that the Liberals
are really Anti-Servatives... I'm most pleased that their madness is confined
to the wilds of the Known World... What a horrible thing to let loose on the
populace... 'Tis but a plaque... Fie on them all... So, my Brother, shall I see
thee at the coming Coronation...? I also heard...............

And so it goes....

Wassail kinfolk...! Hail Ansteorra!

Sir Kief av Kiersted... I Dane to be different!

"Better the Punster than the pundee..."

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