Condom Moral Dilemma

Scott White swhite at
Wed Jul 23 10:24:02 PDT 1997

>  Now, as a physician, I get a certain amount of protection from irate
>parents in my dispensing of condoms, etc.

Hmmm ...

Why, when the parents who have conceived, given birth to, fed, nurtured,
protected, educated and financially supported their DEPENDENT MINOR
children take exception to you subverting their parental choices in secret,
they are acting 'irate?'

>When parents request copies of
>medical records, these portions of the records are not given out unless
>the child consents to this.  If you ask, beg, cajole, threaten legal
>action, etc., I will not tell you if your teenager is being treated for
>these things. 

It's sad indeed to think that the 'rights' of children who can barely
comprehend the potential long-term gravity of their actions outweigh the
rights of the parents who have struggled and sacrificed for years to raise

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