Reply to Galen: Condoms

Darryl&Kate Arrington strmridr at
Wed Jul 23 11:55:18 PDT 1997

> Kief here...writing form you know where...
> Brother! I heard a rumor that Liberals were from a mythical City-state called
> Kansas... This Kansas rises from the deep grasses of our Right Good neighbor
> Calontir every four years or so... Much to their chagrin... They seem to make
> War upon that distant tribe what was there name.. I have
> it... Con-Servatives...this tribe, it is said, sometimes feed upon their own.
> Much like the Liberals... 

Now I thought that the Con-Servatives were a tribe that tried to make
you think they were your domestic help, while stealing you blind.  Isn't
that where the tribal name "Con Server-tive" came from?


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