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Thu Jul 24 16:46:26 PDT 1997

At 08:39 AM 7/24/97 -0700, Daniel wrote:
>Galen of Bristol wrote about the "Legion".
>What is the "Legion"?  "Legion of Swashbucklers", perhaps?  Are they
>an informal group?

The Legion of Swashbucklers is a group of rapier-community folks who swear
to protect and defend the Queen. The Legion was the Queen's guard before
the Queen's Champion took up that duty as part of being Champion (of
course, dependent on what the Queen wants the champion to do), and still
guard the queen if the champion needs a break or needs a stand-in.
>> the oath is sworn to the _Queen_
>To the Queen or to the Consort?  It rarely matters, but I like to know
>these details.

To the Queen. When Rowan won Crown in her own right, we swore to both of
them at their request, but were fully prepared to swear the oath to the Queen.
>Daniel "if Alisha won Crown for Edwin fitzLloyd, *which* queen ..." de

Now, Daniel. Behave yourself. :)

Aethelyan of Moondragon


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