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Keith Ewing keandbc at
Mon Jul 28 13:52:01 PDT 1997

You wrote: 

>In my alternate guise as Gullinkambi Herald... This is a reminder to 
>Angus and all the other heralds out there (including 
my-forgetful-self) to take
>Award Report Forms to every event you go to. Then use them!! There are 
so many
>awards "lost" from non-reporting that it's not funny. Send completed 
>signed by the presiding Noble in the court, to Zodiacus Herald and the 
>Principal Herald as well... Your diligence is needed to keep the Order 
>Precedence up to date... This is a non-paid, non-solicited 
>Heraldically yours...
>Sir Kief, Gullinkambi Herald

A warning to all heralds.

We may open a court and give an award at any time, so stay on your 

Kein Rex

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