ANST - Pennsic Tower Status

Dottie Elliott macdj at
Mon Jul 28 17:34:53 PDT 1997

Greeting from the Pensic Tower Engineer

We have raised over a thousand dollars towards the Pennsic chili party
and pensic tower! 

In my research I have found that I can save over $500 dollars if I
procure the materials(8 sections of scaffolding, 40 sheets of 1/4 
plywood, 80 2x4's, ect) in Austin instead of up in Pennsylvania. This
savings would allow us to build a much better tower that would use
materials that we could reuse in later years. I even have a trailer to
carry these materials in. But I do not at this time have someone to pull
this trailer.

Therefore, we are looking for someone who is going to Pennsic with a
vehicle that can tow this trailer. We are willing to use some of the
savings to help pay for a portion of gas used.

If you can help please contact me ASAP since I am planing to leave this

Thank You


John Liberty                   jliberty at
Or, an eagle displayed and on a chief embattled vert
 three fleurs-de-lys Or.

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