ANST - Kingdom A&S questions

dennis grace amazing at
Mon Jul 28 23:30:37 PDT 1997

Hi all. Aquilanne here.

Lyonel and I were skipping through the virtual calendar and noticed that
Kingdom A&S is to be in November, and the site is still TBA. Does anyone
have any more info than this? How about Duchess Sieglinde? Is she currently
Kingdom A&S officer? Would she have an idea where Kingdom A&S might be held
by now? What are the traditional rules regarding number of entries, number
of categories, does Ansteorra do the Masterpiece thing and/or Lady of
(insert category)? How do you guys do it here? What's it all about, Alfy?

Waiting with artistically baited breath (eeewww, that sounds weird),



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