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Tue Jul 29 10:51:00 PDT 1997

Galen of Bristol here!

Zara Zina wrote:
>I haven't read all the posts on this subject, and may be
>repeating someone,

You're not.

>but did anyone notice HL Crandall
>was behind the Royal Heralds during the evening court,
>filling out the Awards form?  He was being the stealth
>Herald, as usual.

Certainly _I_ noticed, from my loud vantage point at the
King's right hand.  Crandall gets the awards for court
down more accurately than I do, for the courts I
herald, so with him there, as well as Lady Callisto
(Bjornsborg's herald, I've lost her name), I was
saved the trouble of one more piece of paper.  They
were each already doing it.  She and Lady Clare
also made sure that I was well-cared-for, that my
tankard had water in it (most of the court, she stood
behind me holding it, when I turned 'round it was there),
and even fanning me with her clipboard.  I made it a point
to thank her afterwards, she made my job both easier
and more pleasant.


>Speaking of awards, didn't Timo become a member of the Centurions?

I thought so...

>I heard that Lord Orlando was given the Queen's Blade of Honor.  It is   
well deserved.

Quite so.

 - Galen of Bristol  

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