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Viscount Galen of Bristol responded to Her Excellency Zara Zina
> >Speaking of awards, didn't Timo become a member of the Centurions?
> I thought so...

There were three new Centurions made at Coronation.

In TRM Mahdi & Valeria's closing court - Centurion Wilhem von Buch
In TRM Kein and Alicia's opening Court - Centurion Treschen von Asselen
On the field of King's Champion - Baron Alaric Drake, Centurion

To the best of my knowledge, Baron Alaric is the first Centurion made 
on the field.  It is possible that Centurion Asoph was, but I was not 
there at the time.  If any one knows the details, please let me know.

For those who haven't heard (how's that possible?), Centurion Alrek 
Kanin and Centurion Dieterich von Eltz were told that they would be 
offered the accolade - Alrek at Namron Protectorate and Dieterich at 
Defender of the Fort.

Though being a Centurion is *not* a requirement to be a knight, it 
warms my heart to know that including Alrek & Dieter, the last five 
members of the Order of Chivalry are also Centurions.  I know that in 
the future other knights will be made who are not Centurions, but I 
also know that other Centurions will someday be knights.  I am proud of 
my fellow Centurions and hold my head high to be in their company.

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