ANST - Fimo Carving???

dentim at dentim at
Tue Jul 29 21:52:38 PDT 1997


A gentil lady doth ask'ed

"what is Fimo"

and my goode lady wife doth wrote...

>Fimo is this premixed colored hardish clay-like stuff that you can buy at
>craft stores everywhere for a few bucks.  Its really popular with the
>'retro' adolescent crowd because you can slice it, poke a whole in the
>center, and the layered colors make a cool design---then you can string it
>on a neclace or something.

Whilst I do love my lady, and proud of the dowery i did pay for her hand,
She is mistaken opon this matter, for Fimo is not a what, but a who. That
is, my only Evil-Twin-Brother (TM). you know...the bigmeadsuckingpungentrighty!




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