ANST - Pensic Highway report eastbound

Burke McCrory burkemc at
Tue Jul 29 22:24:06 PDT 1997

Picked this up off of the middle kingdom list.

Sir Burke

>Greetings to all the Middlebridgers!
>I just drove from Indiana home to Akron Ohio and I thought I'd
>share the traffic report.
>I-70 from Indy to Columbus -- 2 lanes clear all the way going east.
>There is construction east of Indy but two lane traffic is maintained.
>Going west on I-70 there's only 1 lane, and I would take the alternate
>route (US 40) if I was feeling more than very lazy about time.
>No problems on the 270 bypass around Columbus from west to north. There
>was construction earlier this year on the east side but the normal
>Pennsic drivers will miss this section.
>I-71 north. No construction. None going south, either.
>I-76 east. A small (5 mile max) segment just before you do the zig zag
>into Akron (just before the Kenmore leg, for those in the know). But
>there will probably not be any backups unless it's rush hour and then
>the backup should be slight.
>The GOOD NEWS is that the construction on I-76 through Akron is
>COMPLETE!!!! That awful skinny two-lane nightmare is GONE!!! It's
>now wide & beautiful & begging to be driven at speeds way over the limit...
>All I know -- good driving, y'all. In service, Alwynne of Rivenstar
>From:  Grant Susan <sgrant at>
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