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Hello Friends!

Gunthar:  Very interesting topic, thanks for bringing it to the list.

> How did you first get started in the SCA and how old were you?

While depressed and driving along along the roads of San Antonio one
I discovered Celtic music.  I had never before heard such sounds that
touch my soul in quite that way.  I decided to seek out more of this
music.  One outlet was a small Irish bar where musicians would gather on 
Thursday nights and jam while drinking pint after pint of Guiness. 
thought was that if I contacted the SCA, they might be playing and
to the music.  

I had read references to the SCA in some Science Fiction and Fantasy
but had no idea how to get in contact with them.  But, then I came upon
idea of putting up signs at UT-San Antonio, where I was a student.  But
I actually got around to doing that...Lo and Behold!  Notices for a Demo
all over campus.

At the demo I met and listened to Ragnar, Moonbear, Constance and many
I was enthralled!  I signed up on the info list and a couple of weeks
I was called by the hospitaler and invited to a revel.  And then a
couple of 
weeks after that was my first event and I was hooked.

So, my answer to how I got in the SCA is "serendipity."

I was 21.

> What make[s] you stay?

Hmmmm...I've thought about that a lot since I moved up to Northkeep a
ago.  At the moment I am probably the most inactive I have ever been
the six years I've been in the SCA.  

I stay for many reasons.  Most of the my dearest friends I have I met in
SCA, and without going to events I would rarely see some of them. 
Because it's 
a wild and wonderful voyage of discovery for me.  I have learned so much
myself since I've been in the SCA, about my creative talents and love of

I wouldn't be the person I am today without having been in the SCA.

> What did you do to develop your personna and why did you choose it/them?

When i had been in the SCa about four or five months, a friend decided
change to an Italian persona.  And, seeing that I had no persona at all,
she asked if I would like to be her cousin.  I had no objections or
ideas so I went with that.

Since then, I've read about the period, and really fell in love with the
history.  Florence from 1380-1425 was such a nifty and unique society!



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