ANST - Coronation

Charlene Charette charlene at
Tue Jul 29 21:29:59 PDT 1997

Vicki Marsh wrote:

My Lord Baron and myself have discussed at great length with our friends
and heralds on the best ways to conduct court and this is what we have
come up with:

1) All presentations that can be, should be given out of court, either
during feast, between bouts of the
tournament, or during a private moment.  Not everyone needs to see
hourds of people stand in front of
the throne and mumble for 5 minutes.

My big pet peeve for courts:  if the populace can't hear you, why the
*&^ are you doing it in court?  While I understand that not everyone in
the back of a large court will be able to hear, I've seen this happen
when you couldn't hear from the 2nd row.



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