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> My big pet peeve for courts:  if the populace can't hear you, why the
> *&^ are you doing it in court?  While I understand that not everyone
> in
> the back of a large court will be able to hear, I've seen this happen
> when you couldn't hear from the 2nd row.
> --Perronnelle

My lady and I were in the FRONT row at Kein & Alicia's Coronation, and we
only heard about a third of the court.  Yes, projection was a problem, but
more of a problem was all the conversations occurring off to the side. 
Because of the slope of the ground, I was 20 feet from the thrones.  20
feet to my left was a large group having a real good time quite loudly. 
During Mahdi & Valeria's closing court I was in the back having quiet
conversations with my fellow Centurions prior to Wilhem being called.  I
couldn't hear parts of our own conversations, let alone the actions within
the Royal Presence, due to a large group 30 feet behind us who were having
a REAL good time, likely with large portions of alcohol involved.

ATTEND THE COURT OR LEAVE IT!  I can't believe the rudeness of some people!
 A little quiet conversation is okay.  A lot of it is a dull roar.  All of
that is excusable, but loud and boisterous conversations, especially those
that last more than a few seconds, is INEXCUSABLE!  Take your revel back to
your camp.  If your camp is close to court, keep it down until court is
over or take the opportunity to visit another camp further away.

I know courts can sometimes be long and boring (to some).  As an armigerous
Lord of this realm, I feel it is my responsibility to attend my King &
Queen when they hold Court.  I know not everyone feels this way.  It's part
of MY Dream.  Quit stepping on it!  In addition, if you know that you have
recommended someone for an award, even though you don't know they will be
getting it, you have an obligation to know where that person is during
court.  If they aren't in attendance and can't be reached within 30 seconds
or so, too bad.  It was their choice not to attend Their Majesties, and I
don't think court should be held up so someone can go running around the
camp looking for them.

Yes, during long courts sometimes people have to leave for bed, or perhaps
to take care of a child.  If you know this, let the Crown know as soon as
the name is called, then ask for permission to go get them.  If you don't
know where they are camped, perhaps the Crown will be understanding and go
on to other business while they are found.

And while I'm on this soapbox, let me say that Court is NOT held for the
entertainment of the Populace.  Court is held for the Crown to conduct
official business pertaining to the welfare of the Kingdom.  This is why
official Courts cannot be held at non-calendar events -- actions of long
term significance to the Kingdom and the SCA are conducted in Court and by
Law these can only be done at published events (I'm sure the Seneschallate
can give the more Official wording).  Awards fall under this category. 
Presentations to the Crown generally do not.  Household business does not,
nor does it have a place in Court -- take it private.  It's nice if Court
can be entertaining, but it's not necessary.  Good Fools and good Court
Heralds are wonderful, but unfortunately few and far between.  It would be
nice if there were more of them, but Court goes on nonetheless.

In Service to Kingdom and Shire I remain,

Centurion Talen Gustaf von Marienburg - Kriegsherr von Nordsteorra
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