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> > Yes, they were.  Now what about YOUR answers Gunthar.
> > In service,
> Annabel Kincaid

Um, okay m'lady since I carried on this monster here's your response.

"It all started at Castle Frankenstein..."

Well, that's not TOTALLY accurate, but it's a great way to start a story.  The
real story begins a little before that.  I've always been fascinated with 
swords and combat.  When I was little I would be out in the fields with a handy
stick in hand whacking the heads off sunflowers.  I spent around 15 years in the
martial arts and 8 years in the military learning delightful new ways of killing

I'd heard of the SCA in with my gaming friends but being in the frozen wastes of
Montana there wasn't much SCA activity in the 70's.  Finally in 1982 I chanced
to go by a Science Museum that I frequented and there was a demo going on.  I
was hooked. Unfortunately after attending only a couple of revels I was 
transferred to Sicily and was out of the game for a while.  While in Sicily I 
ordered EVERYTHING the Corporate Bookstore had to offer.  Being so remote I 
couldn't attend any events or even meet people but I read everything.

The first real event I attended was the Drachenwald Coronet Tourney held in 
Castle Frankenstein.  I was even talked to by a REAL KNIGHT, Viscount Raim
y Hyndyll. People took me in, showed me the sights, fed me and just welcomed
this absolute newby.

After that things got hectic for me in Europe so I didn't play anymore.

I finally came back to the states and began playing in the Barony of Namron.
I discovered fighting and began to giggle maniacly.  The rest is history.  I was

Why do I stay in?  It's in my blood.  It's wonderful to be in a group who thinks
(roughly) as I do. The fighting. A place where honor counts.  A place that no
matter where I go, there will be friends and an acceptance group. Where I'm 
allowed to help a lady carry a burden and she knows I'm just being chivalrous
and she won't call the cops thinking I'm about to rob her.

Oh yeah, my name and personna.  My name was simple.  My heritage is mainly 
Swedish so I looked to my ancestors.  My birth name is Michael Gunter and my
father's name is John.  Hence "Gunthar Jonsson". Passed first try.

The personna part is a little more complicated.  Although I don't play personna
much (unless it's for something fun.  Right Da'ud and Mahdi?) I was very 
interested in the Viking culture when I first got in but there were several 
Vikings in our group already, so being the contrary SOB I am I became a Swedish
CRUSADER.  The Order of St. John (Hospitallers) appealed to me since there was
not as much controversy as the Templars.  I learned to read and basic medicine
with the brothers.  Gunthar discovered he was a good cook in the army and became
a very popular with his war band.

Now I'm basically a 14th C. tourney knight.  Trying to eke out a living on the
circuit.  I wasn't born noble but was raised a pig farmer.  My fighting skills
drew the attention of the King and he raised me to the Chivalry mainly to train
the squires.  Much of my pig farmer past still rises to the surface.

I guess I'm not what one would call a "Courtier".

Sorry for the long post but, hey, you asked.


Sir Gunthar

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