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Wed Jul 30 09:26:42 PDT 1997

Her Most Steller Majesty wrote...

>Greetings to our most wonderful subject Timo from HRM Alisha...

I also bid you greetings!

>Timo,  We do wish to discuss with you your choice of words describing 
>left handed persons, especially yourself.

Ah, but I did not invent this title, for it has long been used in this Kingdom.
The fact that I was "given" this title almost simultaneously by Sir Keif and
Sir Burke (and many of my dexter-handed opponents) ensures that I will
respect its origins.

>We do know of the horrible oppression that 'lefties' have felt over the 
>years in history.   

And I do know of the 'horrible IMpressions' that lefties have dealt to their
foes over the years leaving 'horrible DEpressions' upon their helms, and
'horrible EXpressions' upon their faces!

>But it is at this time do We feel that you are not scum nor sucking nor 
>a mutant.       

Thank you, Your Majesty, for such a Royal judgement upon my character!
However, since that would leave me with "Little" and "Lefty", perhaps a new
title is in order.  Something, lets say, perhaps like this:

Lord Timotheus Kranidious, Champion of Her Excellency, Chrystal Arianna
MacRhurri, Baronness of Ravensfort; Champion of the Round Table of the
Shadowlands; Champion and 24th Warlord of The Steppes; Companion of the
Order of the Talon of Ravensfort; Holder of the Sable Falcon of Ansteorra;
Holder of an Award of Arms from TRM Mahdi and Valeria; and NOT a Companion
of the Order of the Centurians of the Sable Star.

(ugh...that's almost as annoying as Pug's "...To be removed from the
Ansteorra Mailing list etc..." <joke Pug joke!>  )

>It is indeed fashionable to be left handed for our Reign.       

I would not disagree with Her Majesties idea of fashion.  In fact, I shall
take it upon myself as a 'Crusade' of sorts to 'encourage' the use of the
sinister hand in this Kingdom, by force if necessary.  As many of my
right-handed opponents will attest, leaving your elbow unprotected will
quickly result in left-handedness (my own poll here...)

>We are certain HRM Kein would agree.

>                                    HRM Alisha

I will leave His conversion to You, your Majesty! 




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