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>>How did you first get started in the SCA and how old were you?
>>What make you stay?
>>What did you do to develop your personna and why did you choose it/them?

 It seems that quite a few people were introduced to the SCA by D&D. Myself
included. I actually saw my first demo in Lake Geneva, Wis. (home of TSR &
Gary Gygax) about 1983 (I was 13). When we got home, my little brother and I
quickly made up some armour of carpet, plastic buckets, hockey pads and
helmets, with broom sticks as swords and 55 gal drum lids w/ bicycle tire
edgeing as shields.
We went to a few events with my mother( parents were divorced, weekends
w/mom) before she got remarried and moved to Texas.
As my lady wife mentioned, we were briefly involed in Elfsea in about 91'
before mundanity reared it's head and we moved to Illinois. So that brings
us to 96', when I visited a friend from college and found him with a room
full of armor and rattan. "Every hear of the SCA?" he said . Well, that
peaked my interest again and I got on the net to look for a group in my
area. Ld. Ivan the Hedgehog and HL Fiona ni Chellaegh responded, and here we
are! I would like to publically thank them both for taking us under their
wing and reintoducing us to the Society and to many good and gracious folk
in the kingdom.

That brings me to what kept me in. Well, first off, its a great family
activity that keeps us together. My hobbies and my wife's were previously so
differing that it was almost like we would kiss each other goodbye on
Friday, go do our thing, and see each other on Monday. :(  Secondly, it's a
place where honor still exists and substance is more important than form.
Your word is your bond and a lady is a Lady. How you lose is more important
than if you win. These things I have seen. These things are important.

Persona-wise, I am just now starting to really develop one. I chose
Byzantium because of my family background (Greek). My name " Timotheus" is
Greek for Timothy (Biblicaly documentable) and "Kranidious" means "from
Kranidi" (I dont think its period, and it's not a general Byzantine nameing
style) the little village in Greece were my yaya (grandma) is from.  



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