ANST - King's Archer

Todd W. Marsh tmarsh at
Wed Jul 30 10:51:09 PDT 1997

> Didn't an award get created for archery?  I was in the back and
> couldn't
> hear very well but I thought I heard them say something about an award
> called the "Kings Archer".
> Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald
Yes, a new non-armigerous award was created, but not given, called the
King's Archers of Ansteorra.  The insignia is like the Falcon and the
Queen's Rapier, a Green and Black braid.  (humm, aren't those the colors
of the kingdom archery marshall, Don Sebastian?)

I know who _I_ would like to see as the premiers of this award.  Any

Lord Elfsea


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