ANST - Sir Galen of Bristol

dennis grace amazing at
Wed Jul 30 11:35:11 PDT 1997

Greetings, Cosyns,

Lyonel ici.

Bon année, mon frere.
Happy birthday, brother.

(Don't you just hate people who eat up bandwidth with private missives?)

BTW--in Artemisia, they have a tournament called the Old Farts' Tourney in
which the rounds are sword and cane, sword and crutch, and sword and walker.
Congratulations, Sir G; you're now old enough to enter that list.  

lo vostre por vos servir

Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace (who was old enough to enter Old Farts three years
ago--oh, my achin' back)
Dennis Grace
University of Texas at Austin
English Department
Recovering Medievalist
amazing at

Micel yfel deth se unwritere.
                           Ælfric of York


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